Taiwan Day 15 – Market in Nantou, then home

Our last day in Taiwan. Shuwen's sister Jane accompanied us to the Wednesday market in Nantou. It's a traditional market where all kinds of goods are offered - clothes, cooked food and small snacks, vegetables, fruits, random cooking ingredients, as well as raw meats. There's not much to say really, it was fun to just … Continue reading Taiwan Day 15 – Market in Nantou, then home

Taiwan Day 14 – Xi Tou

I want to begin this post with some words about breakfast. It is obviously very different from both American and German breakfast. While coffee seems to continue it's triumphant procession throughout the world and was available everywhere, the food itself offered for breakfast is quite different in Taiwan. I mentioned the steamed buns before (one … Continue reading Taiwan Day 14 – Xi Tou