About two weeks ago, I decided that Facebook and I have to part. Now I didn’t want to give up my photography page (which requires an “admin account” connected to it, which has to be a personal account) so I’ve begun restricting myself to logging in only 2-3 times per week to see if there’s any comments and questions on the photography page – but otherwise, just leave it alone. Don’t read the Newsfeed, don’t “like” stuff, don’t pay attention to any of it. Continue reading “Separation”

Weird meeting

Yesterday while walking Toni, I ran into a friend’s wife, two kids and dog. They walked out from a nearby nature preserve as I was walking in – and I said a polite “Hello” as I would say it to a stranger, but didn’t stop to chat with them, because that would have been creepy. Continue reading “Weird meeting”

My dear friends on Facebook

My dear friends, I log on to Facebook to connect with you on a personal level, and not to get exposed to yet more political crap that I already get plenty of when I watch the news. Please, do your friends a favor, make your and my social feed better – and just cut it.

Even if your post is marked “Public”, the ones who’ll see it first are your friends on Facebook – please think about that. Isn’t it just very, very likely that they share your political convictions anyway? Why bother them with more of the same? It’s just white noise, and it doesn’t change anything.

From today on, I’ll be unfollowing friends who post or share too much political stuff. No one cares about yet more commentary about how bad Trump is or will be, Hillary is or will be, their pick for vice president is or will be, how awesome Bernie would have been, and so on, and so on.

You’re in an echo chamber, and you’re only going to hear more of the same. Or do you really think that you’re going to change anyone’s opinion and political conviction with your commentary, on a social network? 😀

Own your content

OK – Dennis Cooper is perhaps a bit confused* about things but well, he’s an artist. 😀 Anyway, this is a perfect example to illustrate what I’m very passionate about: getting your own domain, your own web hosting, and putting your valuable content online in an open system, like WordPress.

Why WordPress? It’s described in this article, quote:

“Mortgaging your site to a closed-standards vendor gives them, not you, the economic power.”

So here, Google shut down Dennis Cooper’s Blogger site, and his Google account along with it apparently. Awesome! Not, of course. There’s probably a reason for this and Google is well within their rights, defined by their terms of service, to do what they did.

And that illustrates nicely why you should really, really have your own domain and web hosting, and use an open system like WordPress if you want to make your creations available to the public “on the interwebz.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s writings, drawings, photos, or whatever else. Own your content.

Needless to say, you’ll also help making the internet the diverse and open space it should be. Because walled & fenced gardens a la Facebook, Ello, Google(+/Blogger/Photos), Instagram, etc. etc. do not help with that…

*) making a Blogger site (or any place online for that matter) the only place where you store your creations, not even keeping local backups, is completely reckless. Unless you really don’t care about what you create.


I mentioned Instagram’s annoying “get free followers” spam scheme problems not too long ago. And of course it didn’t stop. So I’ve been marking these comments as “spam”, and that appeared to remove them. But thanks to a hint from my friend Peter I found out that they’re actually just hidden from view – and only for me! They remain visible to everyone else. What the… ? Continue reading “Instaspam”

Black’s Beach (and Instagram’s spam problem)

Some cellphone photos from yesterday’s walk at Black’s Beach. Fred and I hiked down the 250-something stairs from the Torrey Pines Gliderport and walked all the way out to Flat Rock. We also peeked into the cool-looking, erosion-shaped canyons where water is gushing down from the Torrey Pines mesa during and after storms, but they’re all rather overgrown and/or messy. Continue reading “Black’s Beach (and Instagram’s spam problem)”

Masochistic sharing

Instagram, Ello, Google+, August: it’s remarkable how photographers just love those services the most that make sharing photos most inconvenient. First you have to export from your DAM (where you enter all your titles, captions, keywords!) to a JPEG file, then manually upload, and type your title, caption, keywords/hashtag stuff again. As if embedded IPTC metadata doesn’t exist! Continue reading “Masochistic sharing”

21st century diaries

Unfinished blog post drafts are the diaries of the 21st century. I have about 30 drafts here in this blog right now. Random thoughts, rants, wisdom, never to be published. I like browsing them every now and then. It’s nice to look back and say “what was I thinking?!” – and it’s also far less embarrassing that way, when they’re simply buried in some anonymous database. Not that I haven’t created enough embarrassing content that is online of course… 🙂

The dismissed social media posts are not that lucky by comparison – once they’re gone there’s no way to bring them back. I like my unpublished drafts more.