Wild Forest

Redwood Forest

A “late find” from our September 2013 road trip, at Drury-Chaney Grove, along Avenue Of The Giants near Pepperwood, CA. I should have stayed there longer and wandered into the woods further, but was feeling pretty exhausted from a cold that I had caught. Continue reading “Wild Forest”


Road Trip Day 7 – Humboldt County

Photo of the foggy crowns of Redwood trees at Lady Bird Johnson Grove

After a good night’s sleep my condition was much improved on Thursday when we continued to head further north from Eureka. Our first stop was at the Arcata Marshes, an interesting area since it is a “natural waste water treatment plant.” While it is a peaceful and beautiful area that is surely very attractive to birders and bird photographers, we didn’t spend too much time there, and continued a little further up north on Highway 101. Continue reading “Road Trip Day 7 – Humboldt County”