Hummus Recipe

Ingredients for home-made Hummus.

Here’s my recipe for a plain hummus – this is really easy to make and you can probably find hundreds of recipes online for this, but I’ve been asked repeatedly for the recipe, so I thought I might as well post it here so that I can easily send it to people (without having to remember from which one of the hundreds of cooking sites on the net it originates). Continue reading “Hummus Recipe”


Irmi’s fabulous Tira Mi Su

Homemade Tira Mi Su

I’ve made this Tira Mi Su after a recipe from my friend Irmi in Germany countless times by now, and I guess it’s time to translate the recipe from German to English (and add some bits of wisdom that I gathered making it;-) since I’ve been asked for it repeatedly. Continue reading “Irmi’s fabulous Tira Mi Su”