Road Trip Day 8 – Crater Lake

Black & white fine art photo of Mount Scott, Crater Lake, and Wizard Island.

Originally my plan had been to drive a little bit back south again from Crescent City for a day of hiking at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with a visit to Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon, but since we had gotten a good fix of redwood forests already on day four, day six and day seven we spontaneously decided to go further north and inland, into Oregon, and more precisely to Crater Lake National Park.

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SAN-2-SEA day 6 – arrival in Seattle

Photo of trees in fog by Alexander S. Kunz

After some bites of yet more “continental breakfast” and some coffee, we left Garibaldi and headed north a bit on Highway 101, to Cannon Beach. When we reached it and checked out the beach near Haystack Rock it was raining, so we went to have some breakfast at “Pig & Pancake” first (hoping again that the weather would become at least a little better) before driving into Ecola State Park. Continue reading “SAN-2-SEA day 6 – arrival in Seattle”

SAN-2-SEA day 5 – Coos Bay to Garibaldi

Heceta Head lighthouse

We woke up to grey skies and the sound of rain in North Bend, OR. Finally, the weather had changed. Albeit, a bit too much. 😛 After breakfast we drove a couple of miles on Highway 101 north before making a left to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park (yes, funny name) and driving south into an area of coastal dunes. It was raining hard, and it was an unpleasant mess to walk on the sand, so we gave up that exercise pretty soon. (Also, with the car so fully packed, there was not enough room to spread wet clothes to get them to dry faster, ahem.)

We continued up north for a while until we were near the town of Florence, OR, where we drove towards another area with coastal dunes. There were a couple of smaller parking lots along a road that was somewhat sheltered from the wind by the dunes, and Doug wanted to get out and have a look over the first row of dunes – I decided to wait in the car, it was still raining hard and quite windy. Let him get all wet and sandblasted alone if he likes that. 🙂 Continue reading “SAN-2-SEA day 5 – Coos Bay to Garibaldi”

SAN-2-SEA day 4 – Crescent City to Coos Bay

We woke up in Crescent City – and it was foogy! After some quick “continental breakfast” bites, we rushed out, a little bit back south to the area of nearby Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, because we were really eager to make some photos of redwoods in fog (which is, as far as I understood it from the brochures that we collected, actually much easier in Summer than in Spring). Continue reading “SAN-2-SEA day 4 – Crescent City to Coos Bay”