Long exposure photo of a tidepool at Sunset Cliffs.

Imagine the silence of a world without combustion engines. No bubbling V8s. No chugging motorcycles, erratically stuttering. No droning buses and trucks. No screeching buzz from pimped exhaust pipes and so-called sports-cars. No stink, no smell, no carcinogenic diesel fumes. Imagine the improved quality of life in a world with electric vehicles only. Will I … Continue reading Imagine

Color Noise Reduction eats details in Lightroom

Western Grebes at Lake Hodges

For a while now I notice that Lightroom's Color Noise Reduction, at the default setting of "25", unnecessarily eats some details, especially at lower ISO setting. For the D700 (which has, thanks to its low pixel pitch, incredibly low noise overall), I changed the default to something like "3" for that reason. I adjust it … Continue reading Color Noise Reduction eats details in Lightroom