Author of the Twilight (image source: Bandcamp)

Author of the Twilight

Author of the Twilight, the Angling Loser‘s album from 2013, was a happy and coincidental find: for the release of their follow-up album Arena of Apprehension in 2016, …txt recordings sent out a promotional email with some free-download codes for Author of the Twilight, and that’s how I ended up with both albums (and in case you’re wondering, I think “Author…” is better than “Arena…”). Continue reading “Author of the Twilight”


Whatever happened to headphones?

I think we all should blast music out of the tiny, crappy, shitty speakers of our phones when we’re in public. Sometimes, I feel the irrational urge to “shadow” a person that plays music from their phone speakers in public, with my own phone cranked up playing metal or techno.

The Forever Music

I recently watched the fundraising/trailer/teaser for the “Unsound” movie, about the survival of musicians and creatives in the digital age:

It paints a rather grim picture for creatives today with so many things that have changed in the music industry.

There are two things that don’t seem to be mentioned in this video: one is that we can listen to music “on demand”, in radio-like quality, on video and audio streaming sites any time nowadays. Continue reading “The Forever Music”


While listening to Irezumi’s wonderful ambient album “Endurance” (inspired by Ernest Shackleton’s tragic Antarctic expedition, it is one amazing ambient album that I’d highly recommend; you can still get normally priced copies of the limited edition, on for example) I was wondering what else the Snowblood label may have released… only to find out… nothing. Bummer! Continue reading “Snowblood”

CBL “Twentythree”

I must admit I haven’t paid much attention to the output of Swedish duo Carbon Based Lifeforms because I found “World of Sleepers” not too different from their first album on Ultimae, but their fourth album “Twentythree” released in 2011 is quite different: almost beatless, ethereal ambient. Really beautiful. For starters, check out the hauntingly beautiful “Somewhere in Russia” (you have to give it a couple of minutes though, as is usual with ambient… this is not your 2 1/2 minute long dumbed down radio pop).

And 5 Euros (less than $7) for the download version probably qualifies as a steal.