Lightroom to WordPress Export plugin

The good folks from WordPress bring us a plugin to export from Lightroom directly to WordPress (it works with either hosted blogs, or Jetpack-enabled self-hosted blogs). Excellent for photographers! I tried it, and it’s straightforward and simple to use. Continue reading “Lightroom to WordPress Export plugin”


Lightroom Rendering Bug(s)

Graduated Filter rendering bug in Lightroom 5/6?

I swear that Lightroom 5/6 have a render bug that affects older images. I can’t pin point it to any specific editing steps, but when it happens, there’s a huge difference in rendering between the Library and the Develop module. Continue reading “Lightroom Rendering Bug(s)”

An Underexposure Accident, Salvaged

Scripps Coastal Preserve, Restored Image

My take on gear seems to be a bit controversial when you’re listening to the hordes of photographers who try to tell you that gear doesn’t matter. So here’s a real world example why new gear is better than old gear. Because accidents happen! Continue reading “An Underexposure Accident, Salvaged”

The Mystery of the missing Black & White photos

Lightroom Library View with filter

One of the things that I really love about Lightroom are its Smart Collections – a way to organize photos automatically by certain criteria. Now one of my smart collections shows me all Black & White photos that I’ve made within a year. Lightroom has a field “Treatment” in the catalog that helps find them. But while browsing these smart collections recently I noticed that some photos where missing. What was going on? Continue reading “The Mystery of the missing Black & White photos”