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The Mystery of the missing Black & White photos

One of the things that I really love about Lightroom are its Smart Collections – a way to organize photos automatically by certain criteria. Now one of my smart collections shows me all Black & White photos that I’ve made within a year. Lightroom has a field “Treatment” in the catalog that helps find them. But while browsing these smart collections recently I noticed that some photos where missing. What was going on? Continue reading “The Mystery of the missing Black & White photos”

Purple Scooter

Purple Scooter

My system of editing/culling images in Lightroom (my photo management software) involves marking images that I like as a “pick” and then rate them at some point. 5-star images are the creme de la creme (and they are far and few between, some are in the “Favorites” gallery on my website), 4-star images go to the website as well, 3-star images are “contextual” and may be included in a blog post but not stand on their own, 2-star images are nice personal memories, 1-star images are personal memories to be kept because they’re just that.

Every now and then I of course have to remind myself to apply these ratings. And “Hell” is a Smart Collection in Lightroom with the criteria being “pick” and “no rating” and the image counter indicates that there are over 2000 matching images. 😛 Continue reading “Purple Scooter”