Could someone do the FULL math, please?

I'm getting a bit tired of all the frolicking about "fast" m4/3 (micro four-thirds) or other crop sensor lenses that are so much lighter and so much more compact than their full frame equivalents, and how people are wondering what Nikon or Canon will "do about that." Lately, Olympus's 40-150mm/2.8 telezoom gets a lot of … Continue reading Could someone do the FULL math, please?

Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission

Hoher Göll

I did the "Kleine Reib'm" hike in September 2010. This is a very popular loop hike in Bavaria's Nationalpark Berchtesgaden. It's two primary destinations are the peak of Schneibstein, probably one of the easiest mountains that is over 2000m* high, and Seeleinsee (which literally translates to "Little-Lake lake", how silly is that?). Variations exist as … Continue reading Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission

Real-world 70-300VR on D800 example

Much has been said about how demanding the D800 is towards lenses. Only the best ones will do, etc. etc. - that contradicts with my goals of staying light (which means slow lenses) and flexible (which means zoom lenses) when hiking. Trust me, a camera, three lenses (16-35/24-120/70-300), a tripod and accessories can become somewhat … Continue reading Real-world 70-300VR on D800 example