Big Laguna drought comparison photos

Updated drought comparison photos of Big Laguna, the largest of the three bodies of water in San Diego's Laguna Mountains. The "super El Nino" of the 2015/2016 winter that brought good rain and snowfall to central and northern California didn't really had any impact in Southern California. All images and content © by Alexander S. … Continue reading Big Laguna drought comparison photos

Lake Hodges: April 2011 & April 2015

Another drought comparison. This one from nearby Lake Hodges, where I frequently take walks with Toni. April 2011 wasn't too representative of course, since Lake Hodges was filled to the brim and actually overflowing (which only happened 13 times in the last 50 years). The normal pool elevation is 275 feet, while the spillway elevation … Continue reading Lake Hodges: April 2011 & April 2015