Killing AMP

I have recently removed AMP support from my photography website. If you never heard of AMP you probably don’t care much and this article doesn’t apply to you, but for what it’s worth: AMP websites are extremely stripped down versions of normal websites that do not support a lot of JavaScript (JS). Continue reading “Killing AMP”


One plus One

Lets put some bits of information together:

  1. According to this article, 97% of the DMCA takedown notices that Google receives are legitimate (and they receive millions of them). Which translates to: there’s a lot of stuff hosted on Google’s various services that infringes copyright.
  2. A provider whom I had sent a DMCA takedown notice actually copied me in the conversation with the infringer. Here’s what the infringer replied:
    “we didn’t hack [the image] from his site – we found it through Google.” (I corrected the spelling).
    If that’s not just a lame excuse, and whether they actually think that what they find through Google is free to use I don’t know, but anyway, it leads me to…
  3. This. How Google, DuckDuckGo and Bing present image search result details (click to open larger and to see additional notes)…

    Notice something? All sites place a button labelled “View” or even “Download” together with the image, providing a deep-link directly to the image and outside of the context of the page where it is used/embedded. DuckDuckGo doesn’t even bother to add a note that images may be subject to copyright. Google does that, but at a very small font size, in dark grey on black (can you see “please just ignore this” more obviously?). Bing shows that note at a larger front size at least. If you ask me, it should be bold and red.

Continue reading “One plus One”

Quo Vadis, Google+?

In the comments to my “Leave that thing alone” post a friend mentioned that there are rumors (link to article on Bloomberg) that Google will separate photo sharing from Google+ “as the company looks to attract more users.”

One cannot help but wonder what that actually translates to. From my limited point of view and my usage of Google+ (mostly sharing photos and photography-related things), photography is the most attractive content on Google+. Looking at the list of most followed profiles reveals a surprising number of photographers who are probably unknown to the outside world, but rank very high on Google+. People know Snoop Dogg (#6) but who the hell is Trey Ratcliff (#7) to anyone who’s not into “social photography” and/or HDR? And who the hell is this Thomas Hawk (#8) compared to Alicia Keys (#10) please? You get the idea. Continue reading “Quo Vadis, Google+?”

A weird combination (or: you should really have named it Key Lime Pie, Google)

Those who know me for a while have probably witnessed my slow transition from an excited Google fan (I was a “Top Contributor” to the help forums for Picasa and Picasa Web Albums, both German and International, until Summer 2011) to a rather skeptical, critical user that carefully looks at Google’s product offerings.

Most recently, I try to use alternatives wherever it makes sense (and is not too much of a pain in the butt to switch – one of those is Google Voice, because my GV number is all over the place as the primary contact phone number, and I’m not really prepared to make the switch to an alternative service like Line2 yet). Continue reading “A weird combination (or: you should really have named it Key Lime Pie, Google)”