Wald Horn Solo

A very old photo, from June 2007, made with my first DSLR, a Nikon D70s with the 18-200VR super zoom lens. This boy was practicing his long (French) Horn playing skills, all alone at the forest edge. The Horn is called “Waldhorn” in German – which would directly translate to “forest horn”, but the english name is only “Horn” … so the title of this post/photo is just a bad pun that only works in German… Continue reading “Wald Horn Solo”


Hochburg Ruins

Hochburg Ruins, Emmendingen

The last couple of days of our stay in Germany it was pretty hot, so we had to scratch our hiking plans and find activities that were less strenuous in the heat. We visited the ruins of Kastelburg near Waldkirch and Hochburg near Emmendingen instead. Continue reading “Hochburg Ruins”

Freiburg Impressions

When we visited Freiburg together with my sister and brother in law I definitely wanted to see the minster and the bell tower with the big historic bells (general information about the minster and it’s bells can be found on Wikipedia). I’m not a religious person at all, but I like sacral buildings a lot – for their ambiance, architecture, and the sense of calm they often seem to provide. Continue reading “Freiburg Impressions”

Processing Green

I mentioned before that I felt pretty much overwhelmed by the insane amounts of green in Germany, and I thought this photo and the different stages of editing may illustrate what I mean. This is something that I normally don’t do anymore – a before/after comparison (and to round it off, I throw in an “SOOC” as well). Continue reading “Processing Green”

Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission

Hoher Göll

I did the “Kleine Reib’m” hike in September 2010. This is a very popular loop hike in Bavaria’s Nationalpark Berchtesgaden. It’s two primary destinations are the peak of Schneibstein, probably one of the easiest mountains that is over 2000m* high, and Seeleinsee (which literally translates to “Little-Lake lake”, how silly is that?).

Variations exist as to the start- and endpoint of the hike, depending on the desired difficulty and length – which shall not be the topic of this post, though.
Continue reading “Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission”