Shadow Dances

Tree shadows on a meadow at Tachinger See, Bavaria, Germany

There’s something about this photo that I like. I don’t know what it is, and I’m pretty sure that not many of you will agree with me, but I’m showing it anyway. Continue reading “Shadow Dances”


Wald Horn Solo

A very old photo, from June 2007, made with my first DSLR, a Nikon D70s with the 18-200VR super zoom lens. This boy was practicing his long (French) Horn playing skills, all alone at the forest edge. The Horn is called “Waldhorn” in German – which would directly translate to “forest horn”, but the english name is only “Horn” … so the title of this post/photo is just a bad pun that only works in German… Continue reading “Wald Horn Solo”

Freiburg Impressions

When we visited Freiburg together with my sister and brother in law I definitely wanted to see the minster and the bell tower with the big historic bells (general information about the minster and it’s bells can be found on Wikipedia). I’m not a religious person at all, but I like sacral buildings a lot – for their ambiance, architecture, and the sense of calm they often seem to provide. Continue reading “Freiburg Impressions”

Processing Green

I mentioned before that I felt pretty much overwhelmed by the insane amounts of green in Germany, and I thought this photo and the different stages of editing may illustrate what I mean. This is something that I normally don’t do anymore – a before/after comparison (and to round it off, I throw in an “SOOC” as well). Continue reading “Processing Green”

Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission

Hoher Göll

I did the “Kleine Reib’m” hike in September 2010. This is a very popular loop hike in Bavaria’s Nationalpark Berchtesgaden. It’s two primary destinations are the peak of Schneibstein, probably one of the easiest mountains that is over 2000m* high, and Seeleinsee (which literally translates to “Little-Lake lake”, how silly is that?).

Variations exist as to the start- and endpoint of the hike, depending on the desired difficulty and length – which shall not be the topic of this post, though.
Continue reading “Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission”