Cellphone Photos – November 2016 Gallery (10 photos)

As usual, the monthly collection of cellphone photos. Both Shuwen and I updated to the iPhone 7 plus at the end of November. Being able to capture raw data with Lightroom mobile, and the combination of having a (slight) telephoto lens in addition to the usual wide angle is really terrific. I’m enjoying cellphone photography more than ever. I wrote a little bit in this blog post, if you’re interested: Penasquitos Canyon from Camino Ruiz (with 6 photos). Continue reading “Cellphone Photos – November 2016 Gallery (10 photos)”


Cellphone Photos – September 2016 Gallery (21 photos)

Here’s my monthly selection of cellphone photos from September. The gallery is a bit bigger than usual since we spent a week in the Eastern Sierra and did some day trips and hikes based out of Mammoth Lakes, looking for mountains and meadows and fall colors and craters and things. It was fun! Continue reading “Cellphone Photos – September 2016 Gallery (21 photos)”

Cellphone Photos – August 2016 Gallery (12 photos)

Some cellphone photos from August 2016 that I found worthy of keeping and showing. It was the month of lizards and buckwheat it seems. In addition to the two lizard photos below, we had another baby lizard that somehow managed to get into our house. I caught it with a cup and then carefully slid a piece of paper under it to provide safe passage into a more fitting lizard environment. And buckwheat’s strange summer colors? Crazy fascinating, aren’t they? Continue reading “Cellphone Photos – August 2016 Gallery (12 photos)”

Cellphone Photos – July 2016 Gallery (6 photos)

A few selected cellphone photos from July 2016. As Summer hits Southern California, outdoor activity decreases, and so does the photographic output – and it seems it’s not limited to my “normal” photography, but includes the cellphone as well… Continue reading “Cellphone Photos – July 2016 Gallery (6 photos)”

Big Laguna drought comparison photos

Updated drought comparison photos of Big Laguna, the largest of the three bodies of water in San Diego’s Laguna Mountains. The “super El Nino” of the 2015/2016 winter that brought good rain and snowfall to central and northern California didn’t really had any impact in Southern California.

Continue reading “Big Laguna drought comparison photos”