Cellphone Photo Collection H1/2018

Roadside poppies, Lake Hodges, Rancho Bernardo, California, April 2018.

Looks like my "cellphone monthly" series turned into a "cellphone biannual" series... the reason is that I probably made less cellphone photos this year, but also, I already showed some series of photos here (Sedona, Death Valley) and on my photography website (Motor Transport Museum). Everything that's left from January through June 2018 (and worthy … Continue reading Cellphone Photo Collection H1/2018

Cellphone Photos – November 2017 Gallery (8 photos)

Coast to Crest Trail under Live Oaks, Del Dios, Escondido, California, November 2017.

A collection of cellphone photos that I made in November 2017 and posted to social media here and there. They were all captured as raw data with Lightroom Mobile (aka Lightroom CC) on my iPhone 7 Plus, and processed in Lightroom as well. Click a thumbnail to open the slideshow/gallery view. Licenses to these images … Continue reading Cellphone Photos – November 2017 Gallery (8 photos)

WordPress, Galleries, Mobile, Responsiveness, AMP?!

WordPress Gallery settings to create a single-row gallery with large images

When you look at your own cellphone usage you probably realize: making websites as mobile-friendly as possible is quite important by now. And indeed, many WordPress themes are "responsive" - meaning that they adapt to different screen sizes and orientations nicely. WordPress Galleries are not responsive The one thing that is not truly responsive and … Continue reading WordPress, Galleries, Mobile, Responsiveness, AMP?!