LA Traffic

LA Traffic is…

  • when a trip that should take 2 1/4 hours takes 3 1/2 hours
  • when all 5 lanes on I-5 come to a complete standstill
  • when the “fastest available route” includes only three sections marked red in the maps app on your phone

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The moment you’re done with the laundry, you splash the clothes you’re wearing with something terrible* that makes it necessary to wash them immediately. Continue reading “Murphy”

Approach with caution

There’s a Honda right around here, same make, model year, trim and color as ours. What’s more, only the last two digits of the license plate are different (theirs ends in -50 instead of -48!).

One time it was parked right next to ours, at Lake Hodges, when I returned to the trailhead parking lot from a walk with Toni. I thought I was hallucinating! Another time it was parked in the Costco parking lot and I was going crazy, because neither the remote nor the key itself would unlock the car.

I’ve learned to approach what appears to be our own car with caution on public parking lots.

AUPD: Trypod

From Alexander’s unofficial photography dictionary (AUPD), today:

The Trypod is a person, usually a photographer, who is desperately trying to get a steady photo when the circumstances really dictate the usage of a more solid camera support system. Especially found in photographers who recently bought their first stabilized lens and/or camera with insanely high ISO capabilities.

In the wild, the Trypod can easily be identified by its white knuckles (from trying to get a firm grip on the camera), slight shaking of the whole body and the sweat on their brow from trying to steady themselves in the most ridiculous position. A burst of continuous shutter sounds is usually followed by hopeful chimping, then a look of despair and/or disappointment. This behavior is often repeated multiple times.


From Alexander’s unofficial photography dictionary (AUPD), today:

Doubt-of-Field (DOF), n. – the haunting fear that you didn’t stop down enough. Especially found in photographers who recently switched from crop to full frame sensor.

Wald Horn Solo

A very old photo, from June 2007, made with my first DSLR, a Nikon D70s with the 18-200VR super zoom lens. This boy was practicing his long (French) Horn playing skills, all alone at the forest edge. The Horn is called “Waldhorn” in German – which would directly translate to “forest horn”, but the english name is only “Horn” … so the title of this post/photo is just a bad pun that only works in German… Continue reading “Wald Horn Solo”

AUPD: Big Stopper

From Alexander’s Unofficial Photo Dictionary (AUPD), today:

Big Stopper, n. – a situation that never arises until on-location, when you’re ready to start making photos – only to find that you forgot one crucial piece of equipment at home, like a charged battery, your memory card wallet, or the cable release for long exposures.

[there is a lesser version of the Big Stopper too: it happens at home, and includes finding out that you forgot to lower your ISO back from 3200 to 100, like after a night street photography session, and continued to use 3200 the next day for a daylight session.]