Ingredients for home-made Hummus.

Hummus Recipe

Here’s my recipe for a plain hummus – this is really easy to make and you can probably find hundreds of recipes online for this, but I’ve been asked repeatedly for the recipe, so I thought I might as well post it here so that I can easily send it to people (without having to remember from which one of the hundreds of cooking sites on the net it originates). Continue reading “Hummus Recipe”

Reverse the sticker madness

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my displeasure with the sticker madness before (or maybe that was on my German blog). On every piece of fruit and vegetable is at least one sticker because there’s five varieties of apples available at any time and one costs $2.49 while the other costs $2.69 and yet another $2.99, or something.* Continue reading “Reverse the sticker madness”

Coffee mug on saucer from above


I cannot help but admire the creativity and persistence that must have gone into the discovery of coffee as we know it today. You take the seeds of a berry, roast them, grind them, pour hot water over them, and then you drink that brew. Wow! Continue reading “Coffee”

Macallan Gold

Macallan Gold

Ever since I had a dram of the 18 year old Macallan at a friend’s, I’ve been trying different Macallan varieties that are more, err, affordable, hoping to find something that would be somewhat close, but not tear such an incredible hole into the wallet (the 18 year old costs around $150 per bottle). Continue reading “Macallan Gold”


I have to admit – this is a weird one. At 15 years old, I expected something rather smooth – but Dalwhinnie isn’t. Neat (pure) it actually sort of burned in my throat. A strange experience. Things got better after I added a sip of water. Definitely a whisky that is better when it’s slightly diluted. Then, the taste is certainly interesting, but I guess it takes time getting used to it. Continue reading “Dalwhinnie”

Coffee Calculations

My first “super automatic” coffee machine was a Christmas present from my former boss in Germany. What’s a “super automatic” you ask? That’s the machine that grinds the coffee and brews it for each cup individually. Now once you’re arrived on that level, there’s no turning back – so after moving to San Diego, I had to get that machine again (since I couldn’t bring mine, different voltage, too much hassle). Continue reading “Coffee Calculations”

Home made pizza

Four secrets to home made Pizza

Every now and then we’re buying a ball of ready-made pizza dough (because I’ve been too lazy to find a good recipe, and to make the dough myself) and make some pizza at home. It’s fun, easy and relatively quick to make that way.

After most apparently doing things wrong 😛 for such a long time I’m quite happy that I figured this stuff out all by myself (without the help of the interwebz!), so without further ado, here are my four secrets to successful home made pizza: Continue reading “Four secrets to home made Pizza”