An Underexposure Accident, Salvaged

Scripps Coastal Preserve, Restored Image

My take on gear seems to be a bit controversial when you’re listening to the hordes of photographers who try to tell you that gear doesn’t matter. So here’s a real world example why new gear is better than old gear. Because accidents happen! Continue reading “An Underexposure Accident, Salvaged”


Point Loma Sea Cave

Point Loma Sea Cave at low tide

We had a number of days with negative tide and I’ve used them quite well to see, explore and scout areas that I hadn’t seen before. The Point Loma Sea Cave is one of them. Continue reading “Point Loma Sea Cave”

Revenge of the milk soup

Tuesday I met Joe and Peter in La Jolla and after dinner we went to Windansea for some photography. I wasn’t too inspired but this angle on the rocks looked interesting, so I decided to abandon my resolution of not producing more “samey” long exposure photography with milky/silky water, and just went for it. Continue reading “Revenge of the milk soup”

D800 sensor cleaning

Cleaning Fluid Residue on Camera Sensor

I have cleaned my digital camera sensors for the longest time, beginning with the D70, then the Fuji S5pro (the hybrid of Nikon D200 body and mechanics, with part Fuji electronics and sensor), and the venerable D700 that is still our main portrait camera. It has always been a relatively easy, fast and painless effort.

My cleaning process was mostly a combination of dry cleaning (with an Arctic Butterfly nylon brush) and wet cleaning (using the inexpensive “Eclipse” cleaning fluid, and Visible Dust’s green “Ultra MXD-100” swabs). It always worked, flawlessly. Sometimes it took 2-3 swabs to get the sensor clean, but it was still very economical. Continue reading “D800 sensor cleaning”

Real-world 70-300VR on D800 example

Much has been said about how demanding the D800 is towards lenses. Only the best ones will do, etc. etc. – that contradicts with my goals of staying light (which means slow lenses) and flexible (which means zoom lenses) when hiking. Trust me, a camera, three lenses (16-35/24-120/70-300), a tripod and accessories can become somewhat heavy when you’re on a 24km (15 mile) day hike… 😛 Continue reading “Real-world 70-300VR on D800 example”