Notes From America: Wake Up Call

We woke up to the congressional confirmation of Biden's win. After the Trump-incited riots* in Washington DC yesterday, which ended in the storming of the Capitol, Mike Pence apparently found his missing balls, and proceeded following the law, and without causing further delay. I'm quite certain that, without that moment, he would have been more … Continue reading Notes From America: Wake Up Call

Notes From America: Imagine/Toothless

Imagine if everything was reversed, and a sitting Democratic president had pulled only 20% of the shit that Trump did, during his four years in office - and especially right now, with "the Raffensperger call". Republicans would collectively lose their minds, and probably be through their fifth impeachment by now. And GOP hypocrisy aside - … Continue reading Notes From America: Imagine/Toothless

Notes From America: Welcome, 2021

The insanity of 2020 has ended. Welcome to the insanity of 2021! It starts with an absolute clusterfuck: a dozen or more GOP senators who want to challenge the electoral votes of "battleground states" dozens of GOP representatives who want to do the same a vice-president welcoming those challenges (personally, I think this is the … Continue reading Notes From America: Welcome, 2021