Cellphone Photos – November 2016 Gallery (10 photos)

Scrub Oaks reflecting in Deer Creek, Del Mar Mesa Preserve, San Diego, California, November 2016.

As usual, the monthly collection of cellphone photos. Both Shuwen and I updated to the iPhone 7 plus at the end of November. Being able to capture raw data with Lightroom mobile, and the combination of having a (slight) telephoto lens in addition to the usual wide angle is really terrific. I'm enjoying cellphone photography … Continue reading Cellphone Photos – November 2016 Gallery (10 photos)

Cellphone Photos – July 2016 Gallery (6 photos)

California Buckwheat covered with Dodder (a parasitic plant) Highland Valley Trail, Rancho Bernardo, California, July 2016.

A few selected cellphone photos from July 2016. As Summer hits Southern California, outdoor activity decreases, and so does the photographic output - and it seems it's not limited to my "normal" photography, but includes the cellphone as well... Licenses to these images are available for both personal and commercial usage, should you be interested … Continue reading Cellphone Photos – July 2016 Gallery (6 photos)