Cellphone Photo Collection H1/2018

Roadside poppies, Lake Hodges, Rancho Bernardo, California, April 2018.

Looks like my "cellphone monthly" series turned into a "cellphone biannual" series... the reason is that I probably made less cellphone photos this year, but also, I already showed some series of photos here (Sedona, Death Valley) and on my photography website (Motor Transport Museum). Everything that's left from January through June 2018 (and worthy … Continue reading Cellphone Photo Collection H1/2018

Cellphone Photos – November 2017 Gallery (8 photos)

Coast to Crest Trail under Live Oaks, Del Dios, Escondido, California, November 2017.

A collection of cellphone photos that I made in November 2017 and posted to social media here and there. They were all captured as raw data with Lightroom Mobile (aka Lightroom CC) on my iPhone 7 Plus, and processed in Lightroom as well. Click a thumbnail to open the slideshow/gallery view. Licenses to these images … Continue reading Cellphone Photos – November 2017 Gallery (8 photos)

Cellphone Photos – December 2016 Gallery (5 photos)

Icy bolts on a bridge at Lake Hodges, Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California, December 2016.

The monthly collection of cellphone photos from December 2016. This selection is rather small because it only contains photos that I didn't already publish on my main photography website - and those were more than usual because cellphone photography certainly has changed for me with the iPhone 7 Plus. I described the beginnings of this … Continue reading Cellphone Photos – December 2016 Gallery (5 photos)