Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission

Hoher Göll

I did the "Kleine Reib'm" hike in September 2010. This is a very popular loop hike in Bavaria's Nationalpark Berchtesgaden. It's two primary destinations are the peak of Schneibstein, probably one of the easiest mountains that is over 2000m* high, and Seeleinsee (which literally translates to "Little-Lake lake", how silly is that?). Variations exist as … Continue reading Hoher Göll & Lens Transmission

Edelweisslahnerkopf, Reiter Alpe (9 photos)

view of Schottmalhorn and the ridges towards Wagendrischlhorn from Edelweisslahner, Reiter, Alpe, Bavaria, Germany. August 2009.

I hiked to Neue Traunsteiner Hütte on Reiter Alpe, a table-like massif in the alps. The border between Germany and Austria dissects the mountain range in two, running about diagonally through it. Borders don't really matter up there, though. Mountains are mountains. 🙂 I stayed overnight at Neue Traunsteiner Hütte and hiked to Edelweisslahnerkopf the … Continue reading Edelweisslahnerkopf, Reiter Alpe (9 photos)