Free Ambient album from Moby

Moby has created some beautiful long-form ambient tracks, and offers them in the shape of an oversized album as a free download: Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep.

The tracks have vague reminiscences of Aphex Twin and Hecq here and there – minus the darker notes of Hecq, and, though repetitive (of course), also minus the more noodling aspects of Aphex Twin. This was a spontaneous first association that I had – I’ve yet to see if it’ll hold up after repeated listens. 🙂

I’ve been listening to it while processing photos and it’s well worth a listen – or many!

Download Discrimination

Not too long ago* I said that I still prefer physical music releases over digital download. This has changed a bit in the meantime, as some artists simply stopped physical releases altogether, and other who don’t have the resources to do a physical release in the first place produce music that is just as good as those from “big names” in the scene. Continue reading “Download Discrimination”


To aid me with my neverending task to actually more or less frequently listen to all the music that I have, I created an auto-playlist in foobar2000 (my audio player of choice*) that shows me all music that I haven’t played since 2010. This way, I discover and rediscover gems in my music collection, and one of them is Stellardrone, an artist from Vilnius in Lithuania. Continue reading “Stellardrone”