Ten Albums That Made an Impact

Substrata Front Cover

Another “share and nominate” game is making the rounds on Facebook – who comes up with them? I suspect it’s Facebook, trying to keep people hooked! 😉 Now I try to limit my activity on Facebook to a minimum* but this one was about music, so I of course got sucked in… 🙂

I do find it a pity though that these things happen behind the gates of a social media site, where they’re out of sight and out of mind way too fast – so in an effort to preserve this a little bit longer, I’m compiling my list into this blog post.**

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Getting Old with Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode Ultra Cover (source: discogs.com)

I really tried to like the newer Depeche Mode albums but I don’t know – maybe that time has just passed for me and my taste in music has changed, or maybe their style has changed (or not changed enough), or they’ve lost some of their bite and grip?

Anyway, “Ultra” from 1997 remains the last album that really clicks with me. It is more varied than “Songs of Faith and Devotion” and sounds more lively and organic than “Violator”. And then I realized that 1997 was 21 years ago. Yikes! So when I say “newer Depeche Mode albums”, it’s relative to my age… 😛 Continue reading “Getting Old with Depeche Mode”

Author of the Twilight

Author of the Twilight (image source: Bandcamp)

Author of the Twilight, the Angling Loser‘s album from 2013, was a happy and coincidental find: for the release of their follow-up album Arena of Apprehension in 2016, …txt recordings sent out a promotional email with some free-download codes for Author of the Twilight, and that’s how I ended up with both albums (and in case you’re wondering, I think “Author…” is better than “Arena…”). Continue reading “Author of the Twilight”

Walking In My Shoes

I guess if you’ve been a teen/adolescent/young adult in the 80ies and 90ies, there was no way around Depeche Mode. 1991’s “Violator” marks the peak of the “classic” DM sound, and is probably their best album – it concludes their original “electronic” phase and “Enjoy the Silence” would be a good candidate for my “songs to play loud” series but instead, my pick is from the album that followed, “Songs Of Faith And Devotion”, which marked a departure from the synth-heavy DM sound, introducing guitars and an overall grungier sound. Continue reading “Walking In My Shoes”

I really loved Harold

It may perhaps be considered blasphemous 🙂 to add a cover version of a Melanie classic to my compilation of songs to play loud but I think that even die-hard Melanie fans will agree that Emiliana Torrini’s interpretation of Melanie’s “I really loved Harold” (link goes to the original, on YouTube) has something to it – the difference for me is in the refrain especially, and its instrumentation in the cover version: together with Torrini’s voice, it has an impact that makes me crank up the volume every time: Continue reading “I really loved Harold”