Free Ambient album from Moby

Moby has created some beautiful long-form ambient tracks, and offers them in the shape of an oversized album as a free download: Long Ambients1: Calm. Sleep.

The tracks have vague reminiscences of Aphex Twin and Hecq here and there – minus the darker notes of Hecq, and, though repetitive (of course), also minus the more noodling aspects of Aphex Twin. This was a spontaneous first association that I had – I’ve yet to see if it’ll hold up after repeated listens. 🙂

I’ve been listening to it while processing photos and it’s well worth a listen – or many!

Download Discrimination

Not too long ago* I said that I still prefer physical music releases over digital download. This has changed a bit in the meantime, as some artists simply stopped physical releases altogether, and other who don’t have the resources to do a physical release in the first place produce music that is just as good as those from “big names” in the scene.More

Techno Bert?!

In betweem, something about music and “thanks algorithms” – yes, really (I hate Facebook’s algorithm). I was looking for a song from the early “technosound” days of German electronic music in the early 90ies, or something – Klangwerk’s “Die Kybernauten”…More

Yie Ar Kung Fu

In the past couple of days while making breakfast, I’ve often found myself humming the melody of the old, old C64 game music Yie Ar Kung Fu in the kitchen – and I had absolutely no clue how and why that melody got into my head.More

The Sisters of Mercy

I just read a quite scathing review that someone left on The Sister of Mercy’s “Floodland” album from 1987. Quite obviously, I didn’t agree with the negative criticism because… well, I’ve been there. I bought that album after I heard “This Corrosion” and saw the video. It was 1987, I was 16. And I was hooked. I bought the Floodland album, and I love it, to this day.More

Wabi Cover (source:

Flying Rhino – Wabi (2001)

In my series about my personal “Best of Ambient” selection, this one’s an outlier: “Wabi” is a compilation (all the others so far are artist albums). But, despite the fact that there’s nine different artists contributing tracks to the compilation, the disc has a surprisingly coherent sound.More

Judas Priest – Turbo Lover (1986)

I guess it’s true for many people that their taste in music progressed over time. And so did mine. And I had a phase where I was a headbanger, a metal-head – of course! So this new episode of my “music to play loud” series is a homage to that era… 🙂

I think my metal phase began around the age of 14 or 15, after we moved from South Tyrol back to Germany, and the federal state of Hessia (Hesse) to be precise. One of my best friends was a little older, and he was pretty much into Hard Rock and Heavy Metal*. Quite naturally, that influenced me a lot, just like friends do at that age.

And I guess Judas Priest’s back then brand-new “Turbo” album from 1986 was and is reason for much controversy. While the cover art isMore

Hoshin – Path of Dissolutions

If there’s a (dark) ambient release you don’t want to miss, it’s probably this. Ever since the Snowblood label went into complete dormancy after their initial release “Endurance”, I’ve been hoping that Xavier Hoshin (also knows as Esylt, his other artist name) would find a different home for his music, and I’m glad he did, with the well-established Cryo Chamber label.More