Carefully stretching our my tendrils* in search of more modern classical music, I found “Statea”, a joint effort by Tijuana-born electronic musician Murkof and classical pianist Vanessa Wagner. Together, they re-interpreted works of avantgardist/modern/minimalist composers like John Cage, Valentin Silvestrow, Philip Glass, and even Aphex Twin. Continue reading “Statea”



I admit that I’ve fallen out of love with ambient a little bit. Not entirely, mind you, but enough that I do not really care much about actively finding anything new in that genre. Most recently for example, I bought the entire discography of a certain online label – they gave it away for an absolute bargain price on Bandcamp, so instead of buying the one album that I actually wanted, I bought all 47 of their releases. Continue reading “Passage”

2x Modern Classical

I admit that so far, the “Modern Classical” genre (or music labeled with the term) only had a limited appeal to me – quite often, the connection of electronics with classical instruments feels too forced for my taste. Two notable exception that I’d like to recommend here are Jim Perkins’ “Constance” from 2015 and Max Richter’s “Recomposed: The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi” from 2014. Continue reading “2x Modern Classical”

The Weather Station

Latest addition to my music collection and pretty much on repeat: The Weather Station’s latest (self titled) album.

I think what I love most about the album are the lyrics – they’re all little stories that sound “real”, perhaps autobiographical. In the booklet, they’re not written as verses, but as sentences in paragraphs instead. You can just read them – then hearing them sung is surprising. Continue reading “The Weather Station”