Weird meeting

Yesterday while walking Toni, I ran into a friend’s wife, two kids and dog. They walked out from a nearby nature preserve as I was walking in – and I said a polite “Hello” as I would say it to a stranger, but didn’t stop to chat with them, because that would have been creepy. Continue reading “Weird meeting”


Considering that…

  1. we only learn through our own mistakes;
  2. if there’s anything we learn from history it’s that we don’t learn from history;
  3. those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,

it appears to be fairly safe to say that a Donald Trump presidency is inevitable.

Ivanpah is Bullshit

I was quite impressed by the Ivanpah solar power plant, initially. Then I realized that there’s zero existing infrastructure in the desert (ie. roads and power lines), where utilities and conglomerates want to build utility scale solar power plants in general. Precious and fragile desert habitat is destroyed. Then the reports about bird death’s came in, and my initial positive impression turned into disgust. Continue reading “Ivanpah is Bullshit”

Storks early screening

Shuwen and I got to see an early screening of “Storks” thanks to our friend Carola. I think most of the audience was parents with their kids, plus some press and VIP guests, so we felt a little bit like outsiders. 🙂

It’s a cute and funny animated movie for kids, with some absurd humor that is good for adults too. We both enjoyed it. At the end it gets rather tear-jerking – well, it’s a long, long happy end, and a family movie, so that’s okay.

And I wonder whether it’s going to be easier for the parents to explain to the kids where the babies come from, after that movie! 😀

Reverse the sticker madness

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my displeasure with the sticker madness before (or maybe that was on my German blog). On every piece of fruit and vegetable is at least one sticker because there’s five varieties of apples available at any time and one costs $2.49 while the other costs $2.69 and yet another $2.99, or something.* Continue reading “Reverse the sticker madness”


Every day is Black Friday at the Costco gas stations – except that there’s not just a line, there’s a whole friggin’ traffic jam, in the Costco parking lot. Because there’s a 4-way stop intersection on the way to the holy pumps, of course. And it’s the guy’s turn who wants to pump gas. Except that there’s no way where he can go, because everything is clogged. So he drives right into the intersection – and blocks it for everyone else!

You’re saving 20 cents per gallon. How much are you going to pump, 12, 15, maybe 20 gallons? Congratulations, you wasted half an hour to save $3, maybe. You wouldn’t work for that money of course, because it’s not even minimum wage.

The amount of money saved at the Costco gas pumps can’t possible be worth the nerves it costs trying to get in the line and the time wasted waiting for your turn… but maybe it’s fun turning into a complete moron and blocking an intersection for $3? Who knows?


The moment you’re done with the laundry, you splash the clothes you’re wearing with something terrible* that makes it necessary to wash them immediately. Continue reading “Murphy”

My dear friends on Facebook

My dear friends, I log on to Facebook to connect with you on a personal level, and not to get exposed to yet more political crap that I already get plenty of when I watch the news. Please, do your friends a favor, make your and my social feed better – and just cut it.

Even if your post is marked “Public”, the ones who’ll see it first are your friends on Facebook – please think about that. Isn’t it just very, very likely that they share your political convictions anyway? Why bother them with more of the same? It’s just white noise, and it doesn’t change anything.

From today on, I’ll be unfollowing friends who post or share too much political stuff. No one cares about yet more commentary about how bad Trump is or will be, Hillary is or will be, their pick for vice president is or will be, how awesome Bernie would have been, and so on, and so on.

You’re in an echo chamber, and you’re only going to hear more of the same. Or do you really think that you’re going to change anyone’s opinion and political conviction with your commentary, on a social network? 😀