LA Traffic

LA Traffic is…

  • when a trip that should take 2 1/4 hours takes 3 1/2 hours
  • when all 5 lanes on I-5 come to a complete standstill
  • when the “fastest available route” includes only three sections marked red in maps


Junk vs Normal Mail


The never-ending dump of junk mail – Mondays are the worst. One piece of legitimate mail, the rest goes directly into the bin. What a waste. Well, it keeps the USPS alive they say (and that article is from 2011 – the numbers probably haven’t improved).More


About two weeks ago, I decided that Facebook and I have to part. Now I didn’t want to give up my photography page (which requires an “admin account” connected to it, which has to be a personal account) so I’ve begun restricting myself to logging in only 2-3 times per week to see if there’s any comments and questions on the photography page – but otherwise, just leave it alone. Don’t read the Newsfeed, don’t “like” stuff, don’t pay attention to any of it.More

Red Flower, digital painting.


Just found these two digital artworks on my hard disk. I painted them with an iPad app called “Paper” a while ago. Fun. 🙂

Weird meeting

Yesterday while walking Toni, I ran into a friend’s wife, two kids and dog. They walked out from a nearby nature preserve as I was walking in – and I said a polite “Hello” as I would say it to a stranger, but didn’t stop to chat with them, because that would have been creepy.More


I’m still trying to wrap my head around America’s election results, and this post is a first attempt to somehow put things together to gain some clarity.

And just to get one thing out of the way immediately: it has nothing to do with the fact that a Republican candidate won, or that there’s a Republican majority in Congress (the latter has been the status quo for a while now anyway). I’ve lived in Germany for the most part of my live, and ever since I was allowed to vote, quite often elections didn’t turn out as I had hoped and it was not “my” party and candidate who won (I’ve witnessed all 17 years of the Helmut Kohl conservative administration in Germany, for example – Germany has no term limits). So it has nothing to do with different political ideas and direction.

But it has everything to do with who got elected, and how he campaigned. We’ve all seen how Donald Trump crossed all boundaries of human decency and dignity. It has all been said, repeated, recorded, stored and preserved, it was and is all in plain sight, for everyone to see.More


Considering that…

  1. we only learn through our own mistakes;
  2. if there’s anything we learn from history it’s that we don’t learn from history;
  3. those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,

it appears to be fairly safe to say that a Donald Trump presidency is inevitable.

Ivanpah is Bullshit

I was quite impressed by the Ivanpah solar power plant, initially. Then I realized that there’s zero existing infrastructure in the desert (ie. roads and power lines), where utilities and conglomerates want to build utility scale solar power plants in general. Precious and fragile desert habitat is destroyed. Then the reports about bird death’s came in, and my initial positive impression turned into disgust.More

Storks early screening

Shuwen and I got to see an early screening of “Storks” thanks to our friend Carola. I think most of the audience was parents with their kids, plus some press and VIP guests, so we felt a little bit like outsiders. 🙂

It’s a cute and funny animated movie for kids, with some absurd humor that is good for adults too. We both enjoyed it. At the end it gets rather tear-jerking – well, it’s a long, long happy end, and a family movie, so that’s okay.

And I wonder whether it’s going to be easier for the parents to explain to the kids where the babies come from, after that movie! 😀