Phone Detox

According to this Wall Street Journal article, we unlock our phone ~80 times per day: How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds (I hope you can open the article without getting stuck at the WSJ’s paywall; it works for me at the time of writing this). The article then goes on to describe the detrimental effects smartphones have on us. Read it. It’s frightening. Continue reading “Phone Detox”


Nordic Walking in Southern California

I wanted to share an endurance exercise/activity with Shuwen for quite a while now, since I found and still find jogging so beneficial, as a whole. And we did try jogging together, but it wasn’t great for either one of us – due to our slight (ahem) size difference, our speed differed too much: she was essentially hauling ass while I at the same time didn’t really get “into the zone” because I went so slow. :-} Not exactly a great partner activity that way!

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The Meadow

Growing up in one of the sprawling suburbs of Munich, in a townhome with neighbors left and right, there was a nearby open and flat meadow, west of Pucchinistraße (Pucchini Street). It was undeveloped, and tall grass grew there in the summer. A couple of narrow use trails connected one end with the other (and probably diagonally too). We rode our bikes there in spring and caught grasshoppers, and flew our kites in autumn, running along the trail to get the kite high up enough to catch the breeze. Continue reading “The Meadow”


Running the gauntlet across the always-crazy parking lot to the warehouse entrance and back to the car combined with the general exposure to concentrated human stupidity in the presence of free samples in the aisles. Are the savings really worth it?

Getting older is weird

Old boot in grass, Del Mar Mesa Preserve, San Diego, California, February 2017.

Yesterday I saw an older guy with a Metallica t-shirt and found that funny and cool – because Metallica is a symbol of the rebellious years of my youth and adolescence for me. I guess that’s true for a lot of the attractiveness of Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, or any other type of music that young folks perceive as provocative and “different.” A phenomenon that goes back to at least the Beatles and Elvis Presley of course – but I digress. Continue reading “Getting older is weird”

Hummus Recipe

Ingredients for home-made Hummus.

Here’s my recipe for a plain hummus – this is really easy to make and you can probably find hundreds of recipes online for this, but I’ve been asked repeatedly for the recipe, so I thought I might as well post it here so that I can easily send it to people (without having to remember from which one of the hundreds of cooking sites on the net it originates). Continue reading “Hummus Recipe”