Warner Springs to Eagle Rock on the Pacific Crest Trail

Another hike in the famous 😉 “Friday’s with Fred” series was long overdue, of course. While taking a morning walk with Toni at Lake Hodges, a San Dieguito River park volunteer told me that he’s a trail angel on the PCT, supporting and motivating through-hikers – and that he does that out of Warner Springs. He mentioned the section of the PCT that goes more or less south (ie. in the opposite direction that most through-hikers take) and to Eagle Rock as particularly beautiful. Since I really love that area but never hiked it much, I was eager to do that just that, and see it. Continue reading “Warner Springs to Eagle Rock on the Pacific Crest Trail”


Hellhole Canyon County Preserve

I finally hiked Hellhole Canyon County Preserve with two friends yesterday – after years of eying it, but never going. It’s just a 45 minute drive from our home, but in the past, dogs were not allowed there, and a hike is less fun without the four legged friend. That has changed, and leashed dogs are allowed now. Temperatures looked good, so off we went! Continue reading “Hellhole Canyon County Preserve”

Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve

Volcan Mountain vista point with binoculars

Volcan Mountains Wilderness Preserve has been on my list of hikes that I wanted to do for quite a while – in the past I often refrained from doing it because I wanted to go on a weekday but dogs were not allowed there. What to do with the pooch then? Thankfully, this has changed, and leashed dogs are allowed now. Little Toni was very eager to join my friends Dave, Kevin and me for a hike! Continue reading “Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve”

Desert Rain in May!

It’s been a while since I last hiked on Fridays with my friend Fred. When the weather forecast predicted rain and low temperatures for San Diego (included the deserts!), it appeared to be an unexpected treat – normally, the temperatures in the lower regions of the desert in May are too high for any serious activity – at least for my taste. Continue reading “Desert Rain in May!”

Laguna Meadows

Our Friday hike led us up to Laguna Mountains – it’s a bit early in the year to hike up there because unlike Boden Canyon or the San Diego River Gorge, spring hasn’t quite arrived yet at these elevation (around 5000ft/1500m). We went nevertheless, because the lower regions as well as the deserts of Southern California were suffering from an unseasonal heatwave that brought temperatures into the 90F/30C range in places (and temperature records were broken or tied all the way up to San Francisco). Continue reading “Laguna Meadows”

Pamo Valley / Boden Canyon Loop

Guejito Truck Trail

I’ve hiked Boden Canyon (two links, both to my photography website) before and also went up to Orozco Ridge from there. I’ve hiked the old Lower Santa Ysabel Truck Trail along the Santa Ysabel Creek gorge as well, and I knew this could be combined into a loop hike. Last Friday Fred and I were able to continue our hiking routine 🙂 and so we went to see how that goes. Continue reading “Pamo Valley / Boden Canyon Loop”