Silver Eye (Deluxe)

I stumbled upon a Dave Gahan appearance in a version of Goldfrapp’s “Ocean” recently (the video is beautiful), and it made me wish that any of Depeche Mode’s more recent music would have a similar feel and appeal. Goldfrapp on the other hand is one of these bands whose name I had heard before – but none of their music. Continue reading “Silver Eye (Deluxe)”


Bye, Bye, Bandit

Shuwen brought a spicy Hunan style chicken dish home. I couldn’t feel my lips for a while after eating it. 😛 When I asked her what it was called she said “Bandit chicken.” I said “how fitting” – and then we watched Smokey and the Bandit. Rest in peace, Burt Reynolds.

2x Modern Classical

I admit that so far, the “Modern Classical” genre (or music labeled with the term) only had a limited appeal to me – quite often, the connection of electronics with classical instruments feels too forced for my taste. Two notable exception that I’d like to recommend here are Jim Perkins’ “Constance” from 2015 and Max Richter’s “Recomposed: The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi” from 2014. Continue reading “2x Modern Classical”