Birds of La Jolla

While rearranging bits of the nest, a Brandt's Cormorant (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) reveals two eggs its sitting on. La Jolla Cove, California. January 2018.

Photographing the birds of La Jolla has become a bit of an annual event for our photo club (the Photo Section of the Sierra Club San Diego Chapter), of which I am the vice president for the 2018/2019 term. Last year we went in late December, this year in mid January. Continue reading “Birds of La Jolla”


Running Mix

I created a mix for my runs – when I’m in the right mood for music while running (I’m not always!) and when that mood tolerates mostly electronic music (it doesn’t always!), the flow supports my runs really well.

This is all pretty old electronic music by now (I think all tracks are from the 90ies) and it’s pretty crudely mixed too I admit, but it serves the purpose I created it for.

I made the mix available on Mixcloud: Continue reading “Running Mix”

Ring in the Worst of the Web

Barrier with stop sign at the edge of a cliff

I know that it is quite futile to expect much from local gossip, I mean, “news” stations in general, but some stuff still gets to me – like the case of a man licking a doorbell for three hours, turned into “eyewitness news” by ABC7 Los Angeles (I’m deliberately not placing a direct link here), after it was first reported by KION 5/46. How that is “eyewitness news”, or even newsworthy at all, is completely beyond me – but hey, anything to drive some clicks and get some pennies from banner ads, right? Continue reading “Ring in the Worst of the Web”

A new take on Twitter for 2019

Mountain Bluebird (C) Alexander S. Kunz

Late in 2018, I deleted my Facebook photography page for good (for the umpteenth time I guess, and I’m at the verge of deleting my personal profile as well). Google will flick the switch on Google+ in April 2019*, I removed myself from Flickr and Instagram in 2018, August vanished into oblivion, tsu was just plain horrible, Ello never worked for me.

I joined it late, but Twitter is one of the few social media sites were I still maintain an active presence. I’m @alexskunz if you’re interested – I try to keep it “on topic” about photography, landscape, nature, plants, the environment, and things at the intersection of those. Continue reading “A new take on Twitter for 2019”