Gutenberg still gets a NO from me

In the past couple of weeks, as I was moving more posts for my 100 Peaks archive over from my photography site to this personal blog, I tried the new “Gutenberg” block editor for WordPress, multiple times. Maybe it just means that I’m getting old but for the life of me, I just can’t get used to it. That’s not very helpful critique of course, so I’m going to try and explain a little bit what is wrong with it, from my “user” point of view. Continue reading “Gutenberg still gets a NO from me”


Boucher Hill

The fire lookout tower at Boucher Hill, Palomar Mountain, California. May 2019.

Boucher Hill, the fire lookout with Palomar Mountain State Park, is perhaps one of the most “ridiculous” peaks that is included in the 100 Peaks list – you can drive right up there! In fact, I have been there a couple of times already in the past: when visiting the park and paying the entrance fee, it would be almost foolish to NOT drive up there to take in the views. Continue reading “Boucher Hill”

Winter Leftovers

In an attempt to de-clutter my main photography website, I’m trying to separate the more documentary photos from the ones that hold more artistic merit (at least to myself;-) – here are some “leftovers” from the winter morning in the back country in mid February. The “primary” photos are over in my photography website: Winter Moments in Southern California. Continue reading “Winter Leftovers”