Recall Election

The ballot for the “recall election” has arrived and it essentially says: “Which of these 46 candidates that are either from the loony bin or you’ve never ever heard of should replace the governor, should he get recalled?”

Before Nov 2016, I would’ve said this was the most insane thing I’ve ever seen in a so-called “democracy”, but well, a lot of crazy and horrible things have happened since then.

How the legislature behind this hasn’t been reformed in the many years that Democrats had full control in California is completely beyond me but, if successful, the recall will lead to a fringe candidate governor that would never, ever stand a chance in an actual election — and worst of all, he’ll be “elected” by a total minority. 🥳

In the neighborhood, signs have popped up here and there: “Recall Newsom! Save California!” — so the biggest and most successful economy in the United States needs saving… because the governor had a lapse of reason and an expensive dinner during a pandemic. Right.

I might have to become an activist and make hardcopies of the Bloomberg article “California Defies Doom With No. 1 U.S. Economy” and drop it into their mailboxes…

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