If GMail was run by Facebook, they’d make you pay to actually get a message into your friend’s inbox. Because, algorithms, you know? They make everything better — for them. 🤑

Not that GMail is that much better of course, with its default to sort away almost all mailing list messages as “promotions”, or whatever else (I’m not using GMail because I like privacy, but I hear from our photo club members repeatedly that they didn’t get our messages because they don’t know where to look for them).

Of course, if people would practice a little bit of email discipline and simply unsubscribe from all the crap that lands in their inbox, such measures wouldn’t be necessary in the first place. Similarly, companies shouldn’t be allowed to automatically add your to their mailing lists without consent just when you buy from them.

I play this “cat and mouse” game with Adorama, where I order some of my photo and printing gear and accessories. I place an order, they add me to their mailing list. I unsubscribe (“I just ordered something! Why the f$ck do you think I’ll react to your advertisements, now that I spent my money?!”). A few months later, I order something else, and they add me to their mailing list again… ad nauseam, ad infinitum…

Cartoon credit: The New Yorker

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