Chinese YouTube vloggers

So this has me curious: YouTube is blocked in China — and Chinese vlogger “Li Ziqi” has ~15.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel as I write this. How is that even possible? A Chinese person posts videos to a site — that can’t be accessed in China.

I guess it means that her content has been approved by the great Chinese oppressor err, leadership because it portraits an image of China that the world is supposed to see.

Now if “Li Ziqi” was Uyghur, she’d probably be arrested for even trying to access YouTube, and the suppression and “re-education” of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang (an article that brought my blood to a boil; here’s the Chinese version btw.) is probably not something China wants the world to see (I wonder if The New Yorker is blocked in China now because they published a nasty thing!)

So how does Li Ziqi post a new video to YouTube? Does she send the finished thing to some Chinese politburo official who sits in a grey concrete building and yawns at the small farm fairytale as he scans it for questionable messages? And then they’ll temporarily open the great firewall for the upload to YouTube? It’s fascinating.