Too International

The other day, at a nearby Mediterranean supermarket where I buy tahini, feta, pickled beets and other such pantry staples, I also grabbed a jar of dried tomatoes in oil. So far, so unremarkable — until I took a closer look at home!

The label is in Italian (“essiccati” even sounds like “desiccated”, ie. dried), the brand sounds Italian, the weight is in grams. Looks totally authentic Italian! (which, with a mental tinge of home sickness for European delicatessen, is why I bought it)

On the top is another label though, which I overlooked, and on it, it says “manufactured in Germany” — duh! And because that’s not enough, the distributor is a company in Austria.

So the Mediterranean supermarket in Southern California sells fake-Italian dried tomatoes that were made in Germany and distributed via Austria!

It’s a bit too international for my taste. I’ll have to remind myself to buy more local again in the future. 😜

Pomodori Essicati
Imported dried tomatoes in oil.

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