Music: more FAX & Namlook on Bandcamp

So far, the late Pete Namlook’s music, as well as other releases on Germany’s iconic FAX+49/69/450464 ambient/electronic label have been rather sparse or Bandcamp. A couple of Namlook’s collaborators made their releases available on their own Bandcamp accounts (Bill Laswell, Lorenzo Montana, Gaudi, Geir Jenssen and others), but the master’s own enormous back catalog remained out of reach and much of it was only available used.

That has changed with the apperance of “Silent State Recordings“, a, per their Bandcamp information, “independent vinyl reissue label” that appears to be, uhm, rather enigmatic: there’s no website, only an Instagram account and their Bandcamp page. I hope that this is all legit and that Namlook’s heirs (his daughter and perhaps ex wife?), as well as the contributing artists, are going to benefit from the digital sales.

UPDATE:  in this forum post on the folks at Carpe Sonum Records confirm that Silent State Recordings is indeed legit. The guy behind it appears to be one Nils Wortmann and he wrote a longer explanation in the same forum thread in this post.

It’s nice that they actually organize the releases on their artist page by the “project names” that are also meant to be used as the artist name. For example, the collaboration between Geir Jenssen (aka Biosphere) and Pete Namlook called “Fires of Ork” is supposed to be listed with the artist name being “Fires of Ork” — and not “Geir Jenssen & Pete Namlook”, or the likes.

How do I know that? Pete Namlook confirmed it to me himself via email. Way back when, there was a dispute on on how the releases from these collaborations should be filed and it was a back and forth.

I simply wrote an email and asked, but I sent the message to his daughter Fabia (because I felt like I shouldn’t bother “the master” with such mundane and earthly inquires;) — and Peter replied to me, himself. We had an email conversation where he even explained to me why the “Sultan” project’s naming scheme deviated from the other project’s naming. With his approval, I translated his explanation to English and it’s still in use on’s artist page for the “Sultan” project. 🙂

Later on, Peter began to participate in the forums himself with the username “nmlk“. He always was a totally down to Earth guy, completely approachable, humble even. What a loss for the music world.

Electronic music studio with modular synthesizers
Electronic music studio with modular synthesizers

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2 thoughts on “Music: more FAX & Namlook on Bandcamp

  1. There is a legit concern on whether these indeed are benefiting his family. I have my original shrink-wrapped Fax 49 copy of Peter Benisch’s “Waiting For Snow,” and I believe somebody not associated with Fax later put out a new CD of the record that was totally not authorized.

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