“Gentleness is the mark of fearless strength. Driven by fear, the weak are violent/reactive.” (unknown)

In a not-so gentle move, has decided to push their new “Calypso” admin interface as the default to all users. Meaning that, if you had bookmarked the standard /wp-admin/ interface directly and then chose “Posts” from the sidebar, you’d be taken to the “Calypso” interface of the posts list.

After they shoved the notice about their new “Block” editor (which is STILL completely unnecessary for everyday blogging) into user’s faces for what must have been a year, this change came without warning or notification. How changes that alter the interface one is used to so dramatically are rolled out like that is almost arrogant.

Needless to say, I find it revolting. I’ve been a WordPress user for over 10 years now — I guess that makes me an old school user, and for the life of me, I can’t get used to “Calypso”. I understand why they want it but then please, in the name of everything that doesn’t suck, just replicate the old /wp-admin/ 1:1 in Calypso. No one cares about the tools that are used to build an interface. What’s important is that it is possible to FIND stuff where it used to be!

So I thought the time had finally come to switch this blog from hosted to self-hosted, and move it into my own hosting account (I’m not doing this because I’d always like to see “both worlds” of WordPress)…

Worst of all of course, with this change, they’re forcing their “Gutenberg” Block Editor on everyone — with no easy option to use the Classic Editor (it is already convoluted enough to write a post in the Classic Editor now, in hosted blogs).

There is a remedy thankfully, but it is somewhat hidden in the account settings. It is described in this forum post and the direct link to the setting is here: There, you need to go to the “Interface” section and then flip the switch under “Dashboard appearance”, to activate “

This will give you the only-slightly “calypsofied” /wp-admin/ tools (including the option to use the Classic Editor) like they used to be. It’s interesting that they call this “Unified Navigation” when in reality, it is the exact opposite for those of us WordPress users who prefer the classic /wp-admin/ interface over “Calypso”.

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