Platforms for Loonies

Yesterday on Twitter (all great stories begin like this), CalFire posted an announcement for a COVID-19 vaccination event in some rural area of the county and someone replied, directly from the bottom of the loony bin: “Your promoting a experimental gene therapy that has killed thousands already .” (spelling and punctuation are quoted correctly, even though it makes me twitch of course.)

I laughed out loud and then looked at the account — which has over 120k followers! What the… ? Needless to say, the (re)tweets and replies are composed of more ridiculous anti-scientific bullshit and conspiracy-theory laden crap. I couldn’t quite understand how an account like that could amass such a following (yes, I’m naive, I know).

One thing is certain: these people have discovered that blurting out insane bullshit draws attention — Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity etc. etc. have long discovered bizarre and ridiculous outrage as a business model. The payment for the Twitter loonies is just attention, and it seems to me that’s all that they look for.

Each one’s got their platform — Fox News or some “social” network — and in the name of freedom, gets enabled to destroy truth.

One thought on “Platforms for Loonies

  1. Yes, it can be unfortunate, this era of instant mass reach. I would add that the statement is likely correct and I find the scrambling by CDC and other authorities to *dilute the message is laughable.
    Vaccines kill people all the time and the benefit has always been contextually rationalized through the numbers. If 565m (actual number so far) people get protected and thousands die for the effort, the world is better off for it.
    This has always been the reality of it. Leaving out *context works well (nefariously in this case) for people who do not think for themselves.
    *Deaths aggravated via vaccination through pre-existing conditions.

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