Notes From America: Nothing Really Matters

There hasn’t been a verdict in Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial yet as I write this, but it was clear from the beginning: this wouldn’t go anywhere and McConnell pretty much confirmed it (update, two hours later: Trump’s been acquitted, as expected). There would have been a chance for Republicans to say: this is not okay. To condemn the rhetoric of hate and division and “the Big Lie” that eventually led to violence and death.

Instead, they endorse it and what’s more, embrace it: the weaselly Lindsey Graham meets Trump to talk about the future of the GOP and wants his support to win back the house and senate in two years. You know, the guy that tried to talk Brad Raffensperger into overturning the Georgia election results. They guy that said “count me out” of objecting to the counting of votes only after the January 6 riots. Now he wants his Donald again because he needs old white people rage to stay relevant. Just awful, and absolutely pathetic.

Also, Trump fanboy Richard Grenell, former US ambassador to my home country of Germany, wants to run for Governor in California because Republicans are bringing their “Recall Newsom” crap onto the ballot — where that is supposed to go in a state that so soundly rejected Trump in the election I don’t know. That Californians would elect Grenell, of all people, seems quite impossible to me but if anything, it’s proof that these people are of course all still around.

Trumpism is alive and well in America. The GOP is still the party of Trump, and they want it that way.