Notes From America: No Reckoning

There’s no reckoning yet among Republicans with what Trump truly is, and what he has done. The events of January 6 have not been cathartic. Maybe it’s simply too early for that. It’s still all about politics, and power, and appealing to “the base” for them.

The base that bought Trump’s base-less “big lie” that the election was stolen. The base that believing this lie, thought it was okay to storm the US Capitol on January 6, seeking to threaten lawmakers to overturn the election (the fact that they’ve also lost the House and the Senate has eluded them so far, it seems?).

Only five Senate Republicans voted to NOT dismiss the impeachment as unconstitutional right away. McConnell, who was so opposed to Trump right after January 6th, was not among them. That doesn’t bode well for the trial itself, when the votes of 17 GOP Senators would be needed to convict Trump.

Trying to get the Republicans on board to convict Trump is like trying to convict the fox that guarded the hen house (when something went wrong there, and some hens mysteriously vanished!) — when the trial is guarded and overseen by other foxes. Clearly, that poor fox isn’t guilty of anything, right?

Meanwhile, Republicans like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Tayler-Greene are feeding from the bottom of the loony bin, Republican officials who actually chose to uphold the law (Brad Raffensperger, Liz Cheney) are being threatened… and who knows what else. The atmosphere is toxic. It’s not looking good.

3 thoughts on “Notes From America: No Reckoning

  1. And because they are so very very sorry about how things went down on 1/6 and want to do better they appointed Marjorie Tayler-Greene to the House Education Committee. /s

    I never had any hope that they’d impeach whatshisname in the Senate this time around, but there is certainly less hope now.

    1. Yeah they’re not sorry for anything, and how much publicity that nutjob MTG is rewarded is just an expression of the insanity of it all…

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