Pandemic: Irony, Facepalms, Puzzles

It’s quite ironic: those who complain the most about the mandated, pandemic-related restrictions and refuse to comply with them are the ones who prolong the situation — and make it worse for everyone!

In this short CNN piece about masks a physician states that, if everyone wore N95 masks for 4 weeks, it would stop the pandemic. (the problem is that N95 masks are still short in supply, of course.)

The article also contains a table with a mask comparison and underlined in red is “protects others” and that is why you wear a mask. Because you don’t want to give THIS SHIT to anyone, if you have it and are one of the (many) lucky symptomless people. Just read this harrowing account of “Long Covid” in the New York Times, written by one of their staff: “My Long Covid Nightmare: Still Sick After 6 Months“.

And then the folks who insist on indoor dining. Good grief. It is well known that indoor gatherings pose the highest infection risk and what do you do for dining and drinking? You take the mask off, of course…

There’s just not enough facepalms in the world for this behavior and yet, there’s an Instagram account that lists and promotes restaurants and bars that are open for indoor dining in San Diego, right now. They call it peaceful protest. They’re protesting against protecting the health of the population. Super!

I’m tempted to compile the businesses into a list for myself because those are businesses that will NEVER see my patronage again, and whose products I won’t buy again either — so farewell, Mike Hess Brewing. I liked your IPAs, but you’re not helping anyone except yourselves. Fuck you.

Here’s another thing. This puzzles me. In the New Yorker’s (really, really) long “The Plague Year” the author mentions: The U.S. accounts for a fifth of the world’s COVID deaths, despite having only four per cent of the population.

Someone help me to understand that. Based on the assumption that C19 is just as deadly in the US as it is everywhere else in the world, the only explanation I have is that the actual number of infections in the US is much, much, MUCH higher. (A study from Munich found that, based on antibody testing, the actual number of infections was 4x higher than the number of confirmed cases, for example). That makes the “case fatality rate” severely wrong, because people are not getting tested. Not enough testing drives the number of overall positives down and as a result, the percentage of deaths from those who are tested positive is much higher as well. (?!)

Last not least, there’s this bit about the former administration’s vaccine rollout plan: there is none! As I wrote before: whenever you think these people couldn’t have been more incompetent, there’s a new low.

3 thoughts on “Pandemic: Irony, Facepalms, Puzzles

  1. The mention of n95 masks reminds me of what South Korea did near the beginning of the pandemic – purchase a lot of the domestic mask products and distribute them via drug stores for a very cheap price. I have to think, had it been at all willing, that the USA could have done something like this (in addition to ramping up production) and been in a vastly different position now.


    1. I’m not sure – the initial resistance against wearing masks was quite high. Even if better masks had readily been available in quantities, it would have required an administration and president to advocate for them but Trump always dismissed them.

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      1. It would always be difficult with the public but I think an administration that sought to make good masks readily available wouldn’t have politicized wearing them in the first place.

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