Notes From America: January 20th, 2021

Yesterday, while driving home from a refreshing desert hike, I listened* to the New Yorker story “The Storm / Among The Insurrectionists“, written by Luke Mogelson. He covered the various pro-Trump protests and demonstrations and writes about them.

It is a shocking account of a combination of naivety, stupidity and willingness for violence. The most extreme Trump supporters immediately evoked associations with the German “Neo Nazis” that I’ve seen 30 or more years ago, with their olive green bomber jackets, the “Proud to be a German” patches, the flags, the yelling, and so on. Except that the images coming from America are actually worse, of course.

Thankfully, today the snake’s head has, at least formally, been chopped off. After reading Mogelson’s article it is clear that the United States will have to wrangle with that snake’s writhing and twisting undead body for a long time, but today is a start.

Goodbye, Trump. Rot in hell.

*) I really like that these articles are available in the New Yorker app via AUDM – I’ve listened to many long ones that way while driving or doing chores.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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