Pandemic: Brace Yourselves

In The Atlantic, Zeynep Tufekci and Jeremy Howard ask “Why aren’t we wearing better masks?” and in Bavaria, FFP2 masks are mandatory now when in public (not without critique). These are known as N95 here in the US, and there’s still a shortage for these even for medical personal, so the general public isn’t supposed to buy them.

Many hospitals in current hot spots in the US are already at our near capacity — and the mutation B.1.1.7 is coming. It’s so much more contagious that a much more stringent lockdown is in effect in London already.

I’m home from my trail run, where I (once more) saw it all: three young women from different households meeting for a walk, happily chatting, without any masks (reminder: masks are mandatory in California when outside, with limited exceptions); the useless bandanas, hands (!) held over mouth and nose momentarily, you name it… maybe not a problem so far while outdoors, but with mutation B.1.1.7, who knows?

In a study from Austria we learn that children ages 2-12 are twice as likely as adults to get infected, and children 13-16 seven times as likely as adults. Many of them are entirely without symptoms.

The Trump administration, in what will hopefully be their final showing of incompetence (don’t get your hopes up though — I’m convinced that, even when one has zero expectations, they can still fail), just revealed that, contrary to an announcement from just a few days ago, there is no reserve stockpile of second vaccine doses to release anymore — those are all already out there.

And according to a friend, Kaiser healthcare informed its customers/patients that they expect everyone in “Phase 4” (ie. “the rest of us”, everyone who doesn’t need priority immunization) realistically to be vaccinated by the end of 2021.

Anything else? Just read CNN: “The pandemic is getting worse. What happens next is up to you“.

It’s almost noon – perhaps a good time to start drinking whisky? 🥴

This is not where your mask should be when you're in public.
This is not where your mask should be when you’re in public.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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