Notes From America: Skipping A Step

After reading a couple of news articles yesterday and today, I had the feeling: “we’re missing something here”, skipping a step in the process. There’s talk of “time to move on” and “we must reunite” (Republicans promptly putting the blame for not doing more on Biden, of course, while he’s not even inaugurated), the future of some GOP politicians, the direction of the whole party, and so on, and so on, and so on…

Then I read “The American Abyss” by Timothy Snyder in The New York Times and it is the first essay that puts all the pieces that left me so overwhelmed together in a way that makes sense. I highly recommend reading it. It contains this sentence – the piece that is missing:

Politicians who want Trumpism* to end have a simple way forward: Tell the truth about the election.

96 lawsuits and court rulings have shown that there was no voter fraud, no rigged election, nothing – there is no evidence for it. There are “allegations of fraud. Allegations of allegations, allegations all the way down.” But nothing of substance. The stuff that’s still floating around on social media has long been debunked.

But there’s no chance to quickly end the infatuation with Donald Trump and his coup attempt unless Republicans publicly acknowledge this. As the article lines out, Trump will continue to make these claims (he has been making them since October 2016, after all) and therein lies a great danger for future elections. He must be isolated. He must be called out for this “big lie”.

Donald Trump lied.

There was no voter fraud.

The election was neither rigged nor stolen.

He simply lost.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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