Notes From America: Overwhelmed

I used to write these “Notes From America” simply for myself, as a way to process what’s been going on. After Wednesday, and as more and more details and pieces of information and analysis come together, I don’t even know where and how to begin anymore. The magnitude of this shitstorm is still increasing, it seems.

One small silver lining appeared yesterday, when Twitter FINALLY suspended Trump’s account, and along with it, his campaign account, the account of Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, and quite a few other hate and/or conspiracy theory spouting outlets. This kind of housekeeping was long, long overdue.

This tweet puts the finger of the problematic “exception” to their own rules that social media sites grant politicians and public officials:

The house keeping was not enough, though. Too many of Trump’s surrogates are still there and continue to blare out lies about the election, and whatnot. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Rudy Guliani, etc. etc.

Rush Limbaugh deleted his account (thank you!) and Mark Levin claimed to have suspended his (he did not, it’s still there) “in protest against Twitter’s fascism”. As usual, when “conservative-extremist” Americans use terms such as fascism or socialism, I can only shake my head about the twisted definitions that they have found for themselves:

It’s not fascism when a private company decides that they don’t want to have any part in inciting violence against democratic institutions, and thus remove those who abuse their platform;

It’s not socialism when you tax the rich and give to the poor in order to at least TRY and address the enormous wealth inequality in this country (because, lo and behold!, even a study now proves what everyone already knew: that Reagan’s trickle-down economics don’t work!).

But they don’t even understand their own constitution’s definitions either:

Because it’s not a threat to free speech and a violation of the First Amendment when a private book publisher decides to withdraw from a book deal with one of the instigators of this insurrection (namely, “constitutional lawyer” and senator Joshua Hawley), and neither is “deplatforming” hate speech by suspending accounts, or removing apps (like Google did, and Apple will, with Parler).

When you behave like an asshole in my house, or my business, I’ll kick you out. And NO social media platform has done enough of that.

That’s it for my personal “processing” right now — and more than I expected to write already…

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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