Notes From America: Wake Up Call

We woke up to the congressional confirmation of Biden’s win. After the Trump-incited riots* in Washington DC yesterday, which ended in the storming of the Capitol, Mike Pence apparently found his missing balls, and proceeded following the law, and without causing further delay. I’m quite certain that, without that moment, he would have been more inclined to let more messing with the procedure happen. (sarcasm) Thanks, rioters!

The riots also served as a wake-up call to GOP Senators**. So it had to come to this for these people to realize that repeatedly spouting incendiary lies to reality-deniers who want to be lied to will actually stick, and have dire consequences. Matches, tinderbox, anyone? The change of tone from Graham, McConnell and others was too little but most importantly, FAR too late.

Looking at the comments from McConnell, Graham, etc. now though – isn’t it amazing how quickly those spineless lizards make a 180 when the tide is changing? Graham’s “call to Georgia” when he asked to throw out votes? That was yesterday. Today it’s “count me out”. To them, this is all just a play and their only guiding principle in it is to stay in power. They have nothing else, and no regard for the people whose lives THEY put on the line with the complicity to Trump. It’s complete moral bankruptcy.

What also stuck in my mind was the photo of Senator Joshua Hawley from Missouri, raising his fist to Trump supporters – what on Earth? He’s catering to a bunch of extremist dumbfucks who want a coup, and some of them probably qualify as domestic terrorists. What exactly does he expect to get out of this? That’s the future he sees for himself? No higher ideal, nothing to strive for?

And social media, of course. Twitter temporarily suspended Trump’s account, until he would remove a few tweets – out of what must be 10000 or more now, filled with lies, hate and half-truths. (sarcasm) Bravo!

The same is true for YouTube and Facebook, who have been profiting from Trump’s shit-show for more than four years now – and then they remove ONE video. While ALL the stuff that led to this moment remains online, and Trump’s worst minions (Mark Levin etc.) just keep posting. Facebook is a Doomsday Machine (The Atlantic; highly worth reading) – but so are Twitter and YouTube.

One would hope that there will be consequences and that full extend of the law will be applied to all those who were in this, supportive of it, and too reluctant to prevent it – and that many are getting arrested (aka “MAGA”). But I doubt it.

Similarly, there are calls to impeach Trump again (over inciting the violence, and “the Georgia tape”), prosecute him, and/or invoke the 25th Amendment (only NOW they find him unfit for office?!), and remove him. All that would be the right thing to do. There MUST be real consequences. But I’m not holding my breath. Four years of ever-increasing insanity has seeped into people’s minds as normal. What’s acceptable today was unacceptable four years ago.

I think America needs to regain its ability to do the right thing. But my neighbor still flies the Trump flag in front of his house. Today.

*) “Be there. Will be wild!

**) unfortunately, not so much to the GOP members of the House, who still choose to be Bananarepublicans. I’m referring to the firsts vote on objecting the electoral votes from Arizona – when 60% of the House GOP voted to essentially tell voters from Arizona: fuck off. And the objections to the electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania were still supported by a senator, of course.

One thought on “Notes From America: Wake Up Call

  1. You said it with “their guiding principle is to stay in power.” Sad. And your remark about insanity becoming normalcy over time is so true. My neighbor also still has his Trump signs out.
    I hope there will be consequences but I too, doubt that much will happen, to those who broke in and to the small t.

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