Notes From America: No Vaccine For That

With a mixture of amusement and despair, I read this news article over breakfast this morning: Locked-down California runs out of reasons for surprising surge (Politico).

They should have asked our neighbor what his explanation for this “surprising surge” might be, when six cars were parked outside his house on the street last night when, I’m certain, only the closest of the closest family met for a little pre-Christmas get together. 🙄

Or they could have asked the group of a dozen or more mountain bikers that passed me by on the trail this morning when I was walking Toni. They were riding single file of course, most of them without even bothering to wear a mask, with a few others covering their faces with a bandana (which are proven to not just be completely ineffective, but actually making the spread of droplets worse). The transmission rate outdoors might be low, yes – but if you’re riding a bike in a group of people on a trail for an hour or more, and constantly breathe in what the rider in front of you breathes out? 🤔

Maybe the 20 or more folks who crammed into our local post office last week within a matter of minutes would be good people to ask for their explanation for the “surprising surge” too. I got my stamps from the machine and fled as it happened. We might ask the USPS employee who decided to put the notice that no more than 6 customers should be inside (at any time) up, in ONE single place near the entrance – but not even at the door! It’s almost sure to be missed not just because of that, but also because it’s small print on a letter-sized piece of paper… 🤬

The biggest problem is of course: there’s no enforcement, whatsoever. During all this time, I haven’t seen a single park ranger remind people to at least have a face covering – when they’re always eager to remind you that the dog must be leashed! There was no one at the USPS store to say “folks, you gotta form a line outside”. And of course no sheriff or local PD is patrolling our neighborhood at night. Because all that would be denounced as “COVID GeStaPo”, or some other bullshit.

There is nothing surprising about this surge. The irony is that these morons will use exactly that now (“see, it’s not working!”) as an argument to continue making matters worse.

These are the people whose cooperation and compliance is necessary not just to combat the pandemic, but also to combat climate change – the far bigger threat to “the life that we’re used to.” It’s not looking good.

Ignorance, stupidity and selfishness. There’s no vaccine for that – and boy, are we in dire need of one…

Happy Holidays! 🥴

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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