Notes From America: Zealotry

It is December 17th and our neighbor is still putting his “Trump 2020” flag up in his front yard, every morning. He also takes it back in, every evening – probably for fear that “the radical left”, “antifa”, “BLM”, “socialists” or some other fantasy threat to his flag would steal or vandalize it. 🙄

This is a level of zealotry and fanaticism that I find quite unique to the United States.  Even in (by international standards, rather moderate) California, you see plenty of people who display their religion or political affiliation and conviction on bumper stickers, bible verses on license plate holders, “Keep Christ in Christmas!*”, “Don’t tread on me”, the hateful “Black guns matter”, and all that. I’ve rarely seen that in Germany.

As a real estate photographer here, I’ve been to houses that were so heavily religion-themed that I would classify the people who live there in dire need of therapy. Therapy would also be my recommendation for the delusional followers of the Trump-cult who came out in troves and still get crazier every day (“Invoke the Insurrection Act“🤯), hallucinating and frothing over “election fraud” for which they still have no proof, supporting Trump in his auto-coup attempts.

Like in yesterday’s Senate panel on election integrity, where Ron Johnson, Rand Paul and their witnesses repeated the lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories of the Trump campaign, once more without proof, while at the same time accusing the Democrats on the panel of lying. Nazi propaganda technique, again: repeat the lies, and accuse the others of what you’re doing.

“I think we all should want to restore the confidence in our election system,” Johnson said.

That’s from the same faction that destroyed trust and confidence in the election system by repeating Trump’s baseless lies. On the same panel, Rand Paul went so far and said that “the election was stolen in many ways” – so much for wanting to restore confidence, I guess.

I for one can actually put a precise number to the “many” in his statement: it’s 80 million – the total number of voters who rejected Trump, via their legitimate vote, and who thus “stole” his autocrat dreams from him and his enablers.

They claimed that courts threw out their cases purely “based on technicalities” as they were trying to disenfranchise voters and throw out votes based on technicalities! It is truly Orwellian.

How could ~74 million Americans, the Trump voters, be susceptible to such blindness to who he actually is? One can only assume that politics has become a religion, perhaps a replacement, as the hateful and exclusive religious zealotry isn’t socially accepted anymore.

Fittingly, the neighbor’s seasonal decoration includes a sign “This House Believes”…

If we're anti-Christ, does that mean we're pro-science?
“If we’re anti-Christ, does that mean we’re pro-science?” (Source)

*) the non-existent “War on Christmas” has taken on an entirely new meaning this year of course, with people being mandated to stay at home and not meet/invite/travel to and with folks from outside their own household.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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