Movie/Tech: Wolfwalkers and Apple TV+

We got a free AppleTV+ subscription when the service was first launched, and were thus able to watch the animated “Wolfwalkers” recently. A wonderful movie from the same production company that also made “Secret of Kells” and it’s easy to see-feel some similarities.

The most obvious theme* is the urgent and ever pressing one of rational man and progress vs a mythical and wild world, the destruction of nature that goes along with it, and how wild things that operate outside our narrow norms are feared and must either be tamed or destroyed.

“The woods are getting smaller every day” says Robyn, and it’s so simple, so full with meaning, and so true.

This primary message is wrapped into a mysterious and enchanting story with wonderful visuals. Perfect for those locked-down pandemic evenings on the couch! 🙂

With regards to Apple TV+ though, I don’t think we’ll continue with a paid subscription once the freebie runs out. First – we already have enough streaming and video in our lives (we recently also got a one year subscription to Disney+ as a gift). The app’s and site’s interface is difficult to navigate, with included content and extra paid subscription “channels” mixed together. As a result, you never quite know what you’re looking at when browsing.

I wish there was a simple switch to show only content that’s readily available to watch – not because I’m not interested in paying for streaming a good movie, but simply because it’s a waste of time to wade through all the other stuff. EDIT: okay, there’s a channel “Apple TV+” – duh, I know, should have figured that out. I guess the confusion comes from the fact that the app is called Apple TV already, and then there’s the + thing inside of it, as a channel. 😜

Anyway, enough of the ranting. Here’s the official trailer. I can’t help but comment on one idea in the movie that particularly struck me – so don’t continue reading below the video to avoid the spoiler!

In the movie, when Robyn has her first “wolf dream” (I’ll just call it that to not spoil TOO much), I found the idea absolutely wonderful that wolves “see” scent, and perfectly visualized too, in the colorful, waving and twisting bands through an otherwise color-reduced version of the scene (perhaps hinting at the limited color reception of dogs and wolves alike). For me, it was one of those rare “wow” moments, when something is done so well that it really touches you. And that’s enough with the spoiling! 😉

*) NPR has a nice Wolfwalkers review online that identifies many more of the included motifs.

Thoughts? Let me hear them.

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