Notes From America: 126+ Toadies

Two days ago I found some momentary clarity but just when you think you understand things, you can bet that this Republican party cranks up the crazy. I guess if you’re following the news then you already know what I’m talking about.

Two days ago, Trump’s self-coup attempts were assumed to be either “ignored” by the GOP, or “tacitly accepted”. And then “The Texas lawsuit” came. At first, it seemed like a lone (star) nutjob. Then 17 other (Banana)Republican state AGs added their support for the Texas AG’s filing. And then 126 (Banana)Republican representatives of the House.

What is happening in this country is abso-fucking-lutely surreal. It has turned from a lost election into a self-coup attempt, performed out in the open and for everyone to see. The only thing that has saved America up until now weren’t laws and rules, it was “an informal and unofficial set of institutional norms upheld by federal prosecutors, military officers and state elections officials”  (whether that has already “saved America”, as that opinion piece states, remains to be seen though)

What completely blows my mind is this openly displayed (Banana)Republican support for an attempted coup. It is incredibly dangerous, absolutely insane, and one has to wonder: what do they think they’re going to get out of their toadyism?

Do these people think Trump’s coup will happen and then, like good toadies, they’ll be rewarded, somehow, by their “Dukie” Igthorn when he only gets his hands on the gummi bear juice?

Nevermind that the same amount of people died in a single day from COVID-19 than the number of people who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Or that Congress can’t get a stimulus bill together while the rich get richer during this pandemic, and the poor are now shoplifting food. Or that Rand Paul is once again holding government funding hostage for some weird SHIT because there’s nothing else to worry about right now.

The level of bizarre is through the roof. This is America. This is the result of years and years of demagoguery, FOX News, conspiracy theories, InfoWars, NewsMaxx, OANN, money is speech, corporations are people.

Reminding myself that, if I’d drop dead today it wouldn’t make a difference in the unfolding of these events, and that I should thus stop letting them influence me, just doesn’t work anymore.

Maybe I should just stop following the news altogether again. And go for a run.

3 thoughts on “Notes From America: 126+ Toadies

  1. For what it’s worth, I stopped following the news when I was living in America. Twenty years ago… Sadly I only started running this year.

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    1. I had quite a number of phases during which I stopped following the news already, but eventually I take a peek at something, and down the rabbit hole I go again. 😛 Running helps. It’s actually what I did after writing this post!

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      1. Yeah, it’s impossible to stay completely disconnected… It’s good to have something to help one detach though.

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