Notes From America: Autogolpe

In The Atlantic’s article “This Must Be Your First” (subtitled “Acting as if Trump is trying to stage a coup is the best way to ensure he won’t.”), I learned from Zeynep Tufekci that what Trump is attempting to do with his complicit Republican enablers is called an auto-coup or autogolpe. (and almost on the side, the article also takes a precise and damning inventory of the US’ political system, its inadequacies, and how it has been rigged by Republicans in their favor for a long time.)

The U.S. president is trying to steal the election, and, crucially, his party either tacitly approves or is pretending not to see it. This is a particularly dangerous combination, and makes it much more than just typical Trumpian bluster or norm shattering.

[’s Amanda Marcotte opines in “Republicans want to steal this election for Trump — they just don’t know how” that Republican approval isn’t tacit but instead, that they would like to do more, but are – how unfortunate! – legally incapable of furthering Trump’s auto-coup efforts; when you consider their behavior since the election, how they writhe and mince their words, I’m tempted to concur.]

The Atlantic links to “This Was Always the Plan” (subtitled “President Trump telegraphed that he would try to steal the election if he didn’t win”) by Jonah Goldberg, which is also worth reading. It’s from November 20th, and the situation has only gotten worse since.

That article in turn links to “Breaking Down Trump’s Plan To Steal The Election (And Why It’s Failing)” by Nicholas Grossman, who predicted Trump’s play in a tweet, in August. But is it really failing?

My greatest fear remains that all those little things that “they” have been and are still trying and doing (I’ve been collecting them in my post “Dominoes” a little bit, which is undoubtedly incomplete, because there’s only so much time I can spend reading a few news sources every day), as ridiculous and unsuccessful as they may have been individually, will be enough in the end.

In fact, I still do think that the Trump-Republicans will test the system to see if they can break it, before December 14th when the electors cast their votes (and then there’s of course the question of unfaithful electors), and most importantly on January 6th, at the counting of the electoral votes.

I predict turmoil and think the threat is still very real, and must be taken DAMN serious — but, as The Atlantic article points out, “the Democratic Party’s leadership remains solely focused on preparing for the presidency of Joe Biden rather than talking openly about what’s happening”.

What’s more though, “Trump voters don’t really believe Biden stole the election — but they do want a coup” (Amanda Marcotte on, and I think that gets to the bottom of it. They WANT it, but hide it behind some weird rationalization (just like their racism and their contempt for women’s rights, as the author points out).

That article is subtitled “Conservatives aren’t entirely delusional — they’re trolls arguing in bad faith to delegitimize Democratic voters” and I’m tempted to say that in private, they wish that Democratic votes would be counted as… say, 3/5?

It blows my mind that this is America in the 21st century. Sometimes it feels as if I’m hallucinating. The Trump Republicans live in a different reality. A reality that is not based on facts, but pure fiction, of course. And this article is once more an “outlet” to primarily help myself to process all of this…

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      1. It’s weird enough here, I can barely imagine what it must be like on your side of the pond. I really like how your blog is a proper web log; I want to say I enjoy reading these posts, but of course I really cannot enjoy what I know it means. I do enjoy reading what you have to say, though – I hope that makes some sense!

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