Notes From America: Loser

The domain redirects to the Wikipedia page for Donald J. Trump and I love it. This fake campaign page is also very nice. There’s a quite elaborately made page as well, but it is perhaps a bit too true to be funny.

DJT has also been fittingly nicknamed “Agolf Twitler” (because playing golf and having fits on Twitter is all his does, obviously) and I have this fantasy that “all of Twitter” would get together and respond to each and every one his tweets with “Will you just shut up, man?” and attach a screenshot or GIF of the moment when President-elect Joe Biden said that to him, in the first TV deba(cle|te). That would be sweet.

On a not at all silly note though, the New York Times’ Dan Barry illustrates in ‘Loser’: How a Lifelong Fear Bookended Trump’s Presidency that DJT has been obsessed with “winning” all of his life.

Considering how he faked his entry into CNBC’s list of most influential people in 2014 (he was originally ranked 187 of 200 – in other words, a total loser;-) and his continued claims of a rigged election, perhaps we’re all looking in the wrong direction: namely that the election was indeed rigged, to begin with – in Trump’s favor! (I mean, asides from the usual Bananarepublican voter suppression tactics like voter roll purging, voter ID laws, attempted sabotage of the USPS, etc.).

How come he so quickly and handily won swing states like Florida and North Carolina, for example? How come both the awful Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham so easily won reelection to the US Senate? And now Trump is mad because someone rigged his rigging – that’s why his continued and (thankfully, increasingly failing as it seems) coup attempt is so ham-fisted that even Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye wanted to escape from it.

Over 80 million voters hate him. Too many that any attempts at rigging the election in his favor would have worked. And if that’s the case, that the election was rigged in Trump’s favor… wouldn’t it also be nice to think that it was not nearly 74 million voters who supported that loser?

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