Notes From America: Dominoes

First posted on November 14th, 2020, then updated: how Trump and his GOP cronies will attempt to steal the 2020 US election.

The opinion piece in the Washington Post that I linked in “Numbers” contains itself a link to a text that appeared in the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal: “Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management Election Risk Assessment and Management“.

This is a 55-page long frightening document of the procedures (or perhaps, inadequacies) of the Electoral College system and everything that comes after the election, and which scenarios might play out.

If you find that too long, read this one (still long) in The Atlantic: The Election That Could Break America:

Close students of election law and procedure are warning that conditions are ripe for a constitutional crisis that would leave the nation without an authoritative result. We have no fail-safe against that calamity.

Another article in the New Yorker asks: “How Far Could Republicans Take Trump’s Claims Of Election Fraud?

If several states’ electors were to diverge from the popular vote, in theory, on December 14th, the Electoral College vote could result in a win for Trump, and, on January 6th, the newly seated Congress tabulating the electoral votes could declare Trump reëlected.

Forgive me if I’m sounding paranoid here, or as if I’m spinning conspiracy theories. I really hope I’m not, but right now, I’m a bit freaked out. And I don’t know what the chances are for these things to actually happen, but we’re dealing with Trump here, and his Bananarepublican enablers. Why are they so quiet on Biden’s win? Why does Trump still insist that “it’s a long way to go”, instead of conceding?

In my head, after reading the papers and articles linked above (and some others), I’ve been putting the domino pieces together that need to “fall”:

  • Trump does not concede
  • Continually cast doubt and sow mistrust on the election results
  • build pressure on the Republican state legislatures where Biden flipped the state
  • Attempt to prevent certification of election results
  • Republican state legislatures, giving in to the pressure, state their doubts about the official election results and, instead of respecting the popular vote in their state, select their own electors (essentially, they’ll elect their own candidate!) → December 14 deadline
  • If it works entirely then on January 6th, Trump is re-elected. Or one of the fucked up scenarios (too many to list here) begins to play out, with competing electoral ballots from states that Biden won, but have a Republican state legislature, and the mess of a split Congress (Senate accepts the vote count, House doesn’t);
  • Activate the military to strike down protests and riots. The Pentagon personnel shuffle to help with that has already taken place.

To-do list for stealing the election: 3 out of 6 done – and they still have almost a month’s time to get state legislatures from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on board. Again: it’s Trump and the Bananarepublicans we’re talking about. It entirely possible. And, after all that I read and understood – it’s legal.

The Electoral College has turned into a lighter in the hands of pyromaniacs. And it sure looks like they intend to set American democracy on fire.

Updates (Domino Pieces)

Let’s call it what it is: an attempted auto-coup.


*) I guess there’s no honor among thieves… not that anyone would have expected it from those Republicans who aligned themselves with Trump, of course.

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  1. I didn’t click on “like” – it’s too scary a scenario to like anything about it. We have to take care of our own sanity and be kind to those around us in the meantime, while we wait and see…

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